El Viejo Wetlands
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Person in charge: Ronald Jimenez
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El Viejo Wetlands is located 10 miles South West from Filadelfia, Guanacaste main entrance. We are only 24 miles away from Liberia 


El Viejo Wetlands is a tourist attraction and Wildlife Refuge which frames Palo Verde National Park, providing a natural buffer zone for thousands of multicolor tropical birds. Palo Verde is recognized internationally thanks to its biological wealth and diverse ecosystems. This RAMSAR site shelters many endangered species living in marshlands and creeks throughout the Tempisque river basin.

Palo Verde National Park realms contain an outstanding number of individuals, starting with more than 280 species of birds, almost 80 different mammals and more than 50 species of reptiles and amphibious critters. Furthermore, this wonderful area will reward the keen eye of the Nature lover with more than 740 kinds of interesting plants and majestic trees.

El Viejo owns a Private Wildlife Refuge (Minaet - Act 35492-), and was acquired in 1979 by a Costa Rican family related to sugar cane production. From the original 18,000 acres, they segregated some 5,000 acres destined to become a sanctuary for native wildlife species as well as for the enjoyment of many generations to come!

La Casona

La Casona remains as a faithful symbol of the golden era for the Great Haciendas in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

The elderly “Casona” at El Viejo was built to last. This venerable construction will tell the story of the Guanacaste cowboys or “sabaneros” who lived way before cars, cell phones or internet. This house of ancient lineage proudly represents the hard working spirit of those who lived and died by the midst of the 1800s in a faraway era of colonial Costa Rica

Throughout the years, the Casona has been owned by quite diverse individuals. Among the most prestigious names, we can mention Prospero Fernandez, Mario Cañas and Alejandro Salazar, expresident from Costa Rica, as well as Anastasio Somoza, the counterpart from Nicaragua.

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