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“Costa Rica is ranked 3rd in Latin America in the Technology Index for the quality of its environment for innovation, the capacity to receive international technology and export goods with technological content, and the degree of assimilation of new information and telecommunications technologies”. (Global Competitiveness Report 2001). “it also among the 30 leading exports of high-tech products,” (Human Development Report, 2001).

Costa Rica has positioned itself as one of the most technologically advanced telecommunications systems in the Latin American region. This position is no coincidence, since Costa Rica’s forward-looking policies in telecommunications have attracted major production investment from corporations such as Intel.

You can dial direct to anywhere in the world from Costa Rica. What’s even better, for credit card and collect, calls, an international code connects you with an operator in your country. For your convenience, you can call toll free from the United States and Canada to make the arrangements for your event, since many local companies now have 1-800 numbers. If you prefer the internet, more and more companies have web pages. To keep in touch with your job when you’re here, you can conduct research or access your own computer files from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers all the ingredients for a successful meeting. The majority of hotels offer the latest in audiovisual technology: sound systems, lighting and top-of-the-line projection, or even videoconference via satellite.

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